The town of Ierissos and the surrounding area offer a variety of activities. The visitor can:

Such a place of unique natural beauty and fascinating history, has obviously a great number of attractions to offer. Depending on one’s interests and available time, there is always a choice. Our top picks are the following: Depending on one’s interests and available time, there is always a choice.

Our top picks are the following:

Mount Mount Athos (Holy Mountain) – Mt Athos Cruise Όρους

Only men are allowed to visit the Monastic State. High speed boats to the eastern side of the peninsula set out daily from Ierissos. From the port of Ouranoupoli a great number of boats (high speed boat, ferry boat or sea taxi) set off daily to the western side.

Also, there are daily seaside tours cruising up the western side of the Athos peninsula

which take travelers – of any gender and age – close enough so as to admire most of the imposing monasteries by water.

Aristotle Park

Located in the beautiful village of Stagira, Aristotle Park is only 25km far away from the town of Ierissos.

A themed park hosting some original interactive instruments which work based on natural laws described in Aristotle’s “Physics”.

At the center of the park one can admire the imposing statue of the philosopher and the breathtaking vista of the Gulf of Ierissos and Mount Athos.

Varvara Waterfalls

Two spectacular waterfalls, hidden in a dense forest close to Varvara and Olympiada, will amaze you.

After a 40km drive, they can be easily accessed by foot following a magnificent 10-minutes’ path.

Walk through the beautiful landscape, cross the small wooden bridges and make sure you carry a swimming costume with you as a jump in the pool
will be hard to resist.

Drenia Islands

An exotic complex of small islands situated between Ammoulini and Ouranoupoli.

The tiny islets are uninhabited,
but there is an organized beach with a bar and taverna on the biggest one. Board a boat from Ouranoupolis
port or rent a motorized barge to explore them.

Cultural Center of Ierissos

A center promoting the Athonite heritage and the Mount Athos area, located in the center of Ierissos.

Seat comfortably in the amphitheater of 3D screenings and enjoy a fascinating travelogue to Mt. Athos.


The only populated island of Central Macedonia, Ammouliani spreads across 4,5 square kilometres of olive trees and exotic beaches with crystal clear waters. The short distance from the port of Tripiti can be covered in less than 15 minutes by ferry.

During your stay in Villaggio we can plan in collaboration with “Aristotles Paths” unique routes, which will bring you closer to the heritage of our place, local gastronomy, images, nature and aromas.

Walking routes combined with wine tasting, diving, fishing and other unique experiences.